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Rental of Dehumidifiers

Using commercial dehumidifiers and blowers properly will dry walls, floor and ceiling in a room within days generally without the need to remove walls. After floods or leaks it is important to dry out all residual moisture within hours or within a couple of days at the most to avoid the development of toxic mold. The most common reason to find mold problem in our experience is due to insufficient drying after floods. If you cant locate pockets of water how can you get rid of the water? We use Infrared Thermal camera to locate hidden pockets of moisture.

We have a large stock of dehumidifiers and can supply large or small projects.


We provide equipment rental and sales nationwide. Our prices are unmatched in sales or short term or long term rentals.
Contact us today for expert consulting and a free cost estimate for your restoration and construction project. Our expertise and our 25 year experience we can help you bring your project to a successful and safe completion quickly.

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