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HEPA airscrubbers to remove smoke for fire damage

We provide fire damage restoration work to turn a fire damaged property back to pre-damage condition.

We can handle a project for beginning to end, handle insurance company negotiations and enable the insured to obtain full value for the loss. Dehumidifiers


We can restore buildings with smoke damage. Fire smoke is difficult to remove once inside buildings. Fire smoke tends to penetrate walls and can remain for long periods behind walls and above ceilings. Irritants and toxins may be significant concern, in some cases even make a building uninhabitable. Fire inside a building may require all walls and ceilings to be stripped down to studs so the spaces under the drywall can be cleaned.

There are special cleaning procedures, special equipment, material and tools that can be employed after a fire.


Superficial irritation caused by smoke damage from outdoor fires can be cleaned using HEPA air scrubbers and HEPA negative air machines. We have carbon filters to add the cleaning capacity to clean airborne Volatile organic Compounds, VOCs.

We have assisted buildings to rid of smoke damage and fire damage.

We provide air scrubber equipment rentals and sales nationwide. Our prices are unmatched in sales and short term or long term rentals.

Contact us today for expert consulting and a free cost estimate for your restoration and construction project. Our expertize and our 25 year experience we can help you come to a successful and safe completion quickly.

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