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A.Q. Management & Control, Inc. uses two, mobile, high capacity floor removal systems for removal of flooring, asbestos or non asbestos. The systems consist of a high capacity floor covering remover for VCT, VAT, carpets, etc., and a shot blast system for mastics and paints.

The floor covering stripper removes large amounts of floor covering in a short time. 500 SF per hour can be removed. The stripper removes floor tiles, vinyl flooring, carpet, and many other types of flooring. The equipment has demonstrated cost and time saving solutions in many different job settings.

The second high capacity floor removal system, the shot blast system, removes mastics, glue, paints, to clean concrete or steel surfaces in a virtually dust free manner. The system uses a shot blast method which propels pellets at a high rate of speed to the surface and leaves a clean substrate ready to be treated by painters or other trades. This shot blast method is another cost and time saving solution clean surfaces in an environmentally safe way. This equipment has been successfully used in shopping centers, on ship decks, in commercial and industrial building. A.Q. Management & Control can remove asbestos mastics or non asbestos materials very competitive using this system

We provide cost saving solutions to your environmental projects, both large and small. We perform removal of a wide range of hazardous materials as well as non hazardous materials. AQMC performs, removal, demolition, hard and soft, underground tank removal, industrial cleaning and many associated tasks. We have developed state-of-the-art turn key environmental solutions for the most complex environmental projects.

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