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This is not a complete list of our services. Please contact our main office for additional information or for a confidential consultation. Call 800-606-8007.

A.Q. Management & Control, Inc. (d.b.a. A.Q. Environmental) is a leading organization of qualified environmental engineers, and project managers providing comprehensive services in the environmental field. Since 1990 our main office is located at Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.


Our organization was founded in 1985, specializing in asbestos removal services. The company evolved and has taken the current shape and name since 1991 to include full service environmental contracting, engineering and consulting. Our services include asbestos removal, lead abatement, bio hazard cleaning, hazardous materials evaluation, removal and hauling, demolition (hard and soft), interior demolition, tenant improvement work, fireproofing, re-insulation, consulting, Phase I, II and III, underground and above ground fuel storage tank removal, soil remediation, soil testing, industrial cleaning, brownfield site closure, waste handling and disposal, protective equipment and heavy equipment rental. With increasing regulatory pressure and increased stakes for environmentally impaired property owners, operators and lenders under the RCRA and the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund) A.Q. Management & Control increased its expertise and experience in the environmental field to serve its clients. We have conducted thousands of environmental site clean ups, abatement projects, waste disposal, environmental investigations, environmental appraisals, hazardous materials clean up projects and demolition projects. AQMC has worked in many states throughout the U.S., in Europe and the Pacific Islands.


A.Q. Management & Control's professional, technical staff and abatement staff exceeds 100 employees and can provide the capability required for a timely and qualified response that our clients demand. We have in-house tenant improvement crew, welding crew, scaffold erection crew, demolition crew, asbestos removal crew and more. Our equipment is state of the art and includes supplied air respiratory protection for welders, sandblaster, or abatement crew, underpressure equipment, vac loader and more. As a service to related construction firms we provide rental of safety equipment such as supplied air respiratory protection equipment or/and crew to welding firms and sand blasting firms, under pressure air filtration equipment and vac loaders to firms with a need for dust control. A.Q. Management & Control's staff is trained in health and safety procedures, emerging regulations and techniques, undergoes routine annual renewal training and medical surveillance as part of our safety programs.


A.Q. Management & Control will assemble a qualified team together for your site/project specific needs. The team will be structured so that each professional's expertise is integrated to form a functional, cost effective solution that will meet project scheduling and be within the budget. The team typically consists of a Project Manager with the full understanding of all aspects of the project's requirements. He/she has technical oversight, schedule and budget control for the project. The project leader is typically assigned by disciplines or phases of the project, provides technical expertise and manages field activities. Other professionals and technicians, who support the project, report directly to the project leader on site.


A.Q. Management & Control has performed work on many sensitive projects that have required confidentiality or secret clearance by the US government. We are experienced in working with sensitive projects where neighbors or tenants fear of potential hazardous material or concern is approached in a professional manner. Our approach is designed to meet our client's site specific needs.


Our programs and policies include quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) procedures. The QC/QA work involves different phases of our activities. One phase is laboratory sampling and testing of air samples or soil samples that has a built in "second opinion" testing system. This means that for every 10-20 samples collected, depending on what media is sampled, an additional test is done at another laboratory. Another phase involves control by a safety engineer. The safety engineer visits job sites randomly, reviews documents, laboratory reports, daily job logs, and other related documentation to ensure proper procedures are followed and safety programs are adhered to. Specifications and/or regulations may call out for additional safety inspections done by regulatory agencies or property owner's representative. We have on most jobs worked with agencies, consultants and owners representative. Our extensive record keeping and documentation ensures that all aspect of a job is well documented to show compliance with specifications and regulations.


A.Q. Management & Control maintains a library with laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and reference literature related to the environmental field. Some data are computerized for quick access and cross-reference. This support enables us to conduct compliance assessments for our clients, throughout the country with the most current versions of regulations and rules. Our web site contains some general information on a variety of hazardous materials, the web site is under constant improvement. We have Internet access to most environmental Internet web sites, including OSHA, EPA, and most governmental branches. This gives us access to most local, state and federal rules and regulations and more. We have in our computer system immediate access to most MSDS sheets, domestic and foreign. This enables us to e-mail or fax an MSDS sheet or a regulatory section to our client within minutes.


Please look up our reference page. Additional references for work within a certain category or zip code can be submitted on request.


A 350 unit highrise building near completed construction had a high pressure sprinkler pipe burst on the top floor that resulted in a significant flood.
At night the automatic sprinkler alarm called the fire department to come out for an emergency. The fire department noticed no fire, no smoke nor damage so they re-set the alarm and left.
When workers arrived the next morning they discovered the flood, they shut off the water and started to mop out the water. The project manager called a drying company to bring dehumidifiers and fans. The drying effort was complicated and scattered since about 150 units were affected and drying was slow.
After several days mold growth started to show up in different places in may units. Several consultants were hired, tested and dismissed by the project manager in an effort to eliminate the growing problem. All consultants were dismissed and after consensus by the building owner, the contractor, the project manager, the insurance companies and others it was decided that our company was hired to replace them for overall management of the restoration.
We devised a plan to quickly track all moisture, to documenting the extent of the leak, documenting the mold damage, suggesting solutions on drying efforts, conducting mold sampling of the 350 unit building and overseeing the mold removal work done by others. All parties involved agreed that our company of all consultants was best equipped since we had the competence, experience, the right equipment and methods to get the damage tracked, the moisture eliminated, and the mold removed in a timely manner to minimize the growing damage.
We used infrared cameras, digital cameras and moisture meters to track the moisture. We recorded all findings on floor plans and logs, turned over the documentation to the drying contractor for them to adjust drying efforts, placements of equipment etc. Since new mold growth was discovered during the process the extent of the wall/ceiling removal was expanded.
We posted some pictures from the project here.
Overall the loss resulted in damage and repair cost about $5 - $10 million.


We have a standard one to ten million-dollar General Liability Insurance. The insurance company is California admitted with a Best rating of A+ X. The Bonding Company is State admitted with a Best rating of A+ X with a domestic limit of four million dollars. Additional information can be provided on request.


A.Q. Management & Control, Inc. have demonstrated expertise in handling a variety of hazardous materials services in many emergency responses. We provide emergency response crew for asbestos work and fire- and water damage work. We respond to floods and emergency water extraction. We would like to get pre-qualified to respond to your future environmental needs. We provide cost saving solutions to your environmental projects, both large and small. We have developed state-of-the-art turnkey environmental solutions for the most complex environmental projects. Be confident that someone will respond to your potential emergency, contact our project managers to set up all emergency procedures and means of contact. We can add your company to our service list for potential emergency response, we work with insurance companies, building managers, insurance adjusters, contractors and many others. Please contact us at 800-606-8007 for a confidential consultation or estimate.

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