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AQ has extensive experience working on governmental projects. We provide project management for contractors (any trade) who need experienced project managers who are familiar with governmental project requirements. Government jobs are getting more complex, more paperwork and bureaucracy makes a contractors job more demanding.It is not uncommon to find that the government agency may have 10-12 people involved in the project management and if your superintendent is outnumbered he will have no time to do his job. Imagine the problem he may encounter when he is trying to solve issues with five different subcontractors and have five government inspectors looking over his shoulder asking for 50 different manuals, safety programs, RFI's, wage reports, certifications, materials tracking, revised schedule, permits, notifications, quality control recordings, and more having little or no experience on a government project. An experienced project manager can take care of most of the paper work required. When bidding large or small government jobs, include a Consulting Project Manager in your bid so you can concentrate on the job you do best and leave the paper work to us. A project manager may be involved in, subcontracting coordination, prevailing wage reports, RFI tracking, critical path and other schedules, material tracking, waste stream recording and much, much more. Call 213-386-4540 for further information.


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