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Mold Removal
Mold Cleanup should be done as soon as possible after the problem has been identified. If the conditions are right, mold can grow and spread in a house within days. If you had water damage and need work done, we advise not to wait for the insurance company to make their determination.
Air Scrubber Rental
Ultimate interior design solutions and furniture decor products for our clients only! Visit our store to see what we have in stock for you, and contact us if you wish to upgrade your living space!
Fire Damage Restoration
We provide fire damage restoration work to turn a fire damaged property back to pre-damage condition.
A.Q. Management & Control, Inc. performs demolition, hard and soft, large or small, grading, compacting and land clearing. We can demolish your building at very competitive rates.
Water Damage Restoration
We provide emergency response crew for water damage work. We respond to floods and emergency water extraction.
Floor Removal System
The floor covering stripper removes large amounts of floor covering in a short time. 500 SF per hour can be removed. The stripper removes floor tiles, vinyl flooring, carpet, and many other types of flooring.

AQ Management & Control, Inc.

AQ MANAGEMENT & CONTROL, INC. IS A FULL-SERVICE ENVIRONMENTAL CONTRACTING AND CONSULTING FIRM located in California. We specialize in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, disaster equipment rental, and more.

AQ Management & Control, Inc. is a full service environmental contracting and consulting firm. Our corporate office is located in California with branch offices in Chicago, Florida, Texas, New York and several other locations. We are State licensed contractor over 30 years in California, State license no. 633132


AQ Management & Control, Inc

AQ Management & Control, Inc.

We offer turn key solutions to almost any environmental project. We specialize in mold solutions, mold survey, mold cleanup, we solve complicated mold problems, water damage restoration and cleanup, lead abatement, demolition, debris removal, fireproofing, hazardous materials removal, soil remediation, industrial cleaning, fire damage restoration, microbiology decontamination, consulting and many related environmental services. We are known for our immediate response to emergency situations. We are highly recommended by governmental agencies, architects, consultants, contractors, insurance companies, real estate management firms, and more.

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