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Disaster Equipment Rental

We can provide a large number of HEPA negative air machines for large or small projects where dust control is required.


Using commercial dehumidifiers and blowers properly will quickly dry walls, floor and ceiling in a room within days generally without the need to remove walls or floor. After floods or leaks it is important to dry out all residual moisture within hours or within a couple of days at the most to avoid the development of toxic mold. The most common reason we find mold problem in our experience is due to insufficient drying after floods. If you cant locate pockets of water how can you get rid of the water? We use Infrared Thermal camera and moisture meters to locate hidden pockets of moisture.

We have a large stock of dehumidifiers and can supply large or small projects.

HEPA Air Scrubbers

HEPA air scrubbers should be used on mold removal projects and water damage restoration projects and is often needed for general dust control and hazardous materials dust capture.

The use of air scrubbers is extremely important to prevent contaminated dust and mold spores from spreading to clean areas and is many times mandatory and regulated. Using an air scrubber during mold cleanup is extremely important for health and liability reasons. If mold or other hazardous materials is released in the air it may contaminate other areas of an office or home that previously were un – contaminated. Mold spores will travel in the air to other parts of a building and may start colonizing clean carpets, areas, clothing or furniture. Our air scrubbers are commercial size high capacity machines. We provide dual use machines, our equipment can be used both as air scrubbers and negative air machines. Each machine can move, filter and clean up to 2000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). We have triple stage filtration with HEPA filters.

We provide large or small air scrubbers for any size project, if you need one ore 100 units, we can help you.. We have small medium and large capacity air scrubbers: 1000 CFM, adjustable to-. 2000 CFM, the most common size, actual capacity 1000-2000 CFM. 5000 CFM, large capacity, actual capacity 4000 CFM.

Call today, we can assist in designing procedure and equipment needed for your cleanup project.

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