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Water Damage Restoration

A.Q. Management & Control, Inc. have demonstrated expertise in handling a variety of hazardous materials services in many emergency responses. We provide emergency response crew for water damage work. We respond to floods and emergency water extraction. We would like to get pre-qualified to respond to your future environmental needs. We provide cost saving solutions to your environmental projects, both large and small.

There is no time to allow biohazard jobs be handled by a “contractor in training”. Indoor pollutants causing “Sick Building Syndrome”, SBS, is not only hazardous to your health but also hazardous to the economic life of your home, business or commercial building.

Serious health problems may develop from toxic mold and can occur a short time after a leak has occurred. Leaking roofs, leaking galvanized steel pipes, leaking copper pipes, water intrusion from soil and other problems can cause mold start to grow in homes and offices, old and new. Mold can develop in days and start release spores in the air inside a home causing habitants to develop asthma, allergies, lung problem, breathing problem, memory loss, and more. An initial survey may catch a growing problem early to eliminate the risk of mold spreading to the interior and contaminate furniture and personal property.


A 350 unit highrise building near completed construction had a high pressure sprinkler pipe burst on the top floor that resulted in a significant flood.

At night the automatic sprinkler alarm called the fire department to come out for an emergency. The fire department noticed no fire, no smoke nor damage so they re-set the alarm and left.
When workers arrived the next morning they discovered the flood, they shut off the water and started to mop out the water. The project manager called a drying company to bring dehumidifiers and fans. The drying effort was complicated and scattered since about 150 units were affected and drying was slow.

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